The Barenaked Ladies offered to buy you one, but I doubt you ever thought you'd see one on the loose.

News Channel 13 reports that Rensselaer County, just a short drive from The Berkshires, residents should be on the look out for Charles, an Emu, who is on the loose after breaking free from the Berkshire Bird Paradise in Grafton, New York. He was last seen on Josh Hall Pond Road in Grafton and his handlers think he might be headed towards Petersburg, which is only 30 minutes east of Williamstown.

Wait. What the heck is an Emu? Ok, yes, obviously it's a bird, but did you know it's actually the second largest bird by height, and can grow to be up to six feet tall. According to Wikipedia the flightless bird can travel great distances, like maybe Petersburg to Williamstown, and if necessary can sprint up to 31 miles per hour. While on the loose, Charles could be foraging for insects and plants, but Emu's have been known to go for weeks without eating.


Charles' handlers want people to know he is very friendly and likes back rubs (who doesn't) cat or dog food and veggies. If you see him, call (518) 279-3801.


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