The '90s alternative rock band, Everclear, will be performing at The Big E in Springfield on September 18, but are they legal to perform in Massachusetts? That was obviously a joke, but what about grain alcohol?

DIY W Everclear Facebook
DIY W Everclear Facebook

Everclear is actually a brand name of grain alcohol that comes in a few different proofs, with 190, (95% alcohol), being the strongest, and the most common.

Why Would Anyone Need Almost Pure Grain Alcohol?

The short answer would be, to make other alcoholic beverages, limoncello, for instance. Drinking pure grain alcohol, or even 190 proof Everclear, which is basically pure grain alcohol, is NEVER recommended, by the way.

It will most certainly ruin your day if you consume it straight, however, if it doesn't lead to alcohol poisoning. Apparently, it makes for a good disinfectant as well. Yikes. It's also extremely flammable!

How Many Beers Is ONE shot of Everclear?

About 7.5! Can you imagine drinking seven and a half beers at once? I can't.

Alcohol Is LEGAL In The U.S., So, What About Everclear?

Everclear is actually legal in 36 states, but not the remaining 14.

States that have banned the 190-proof grain alcohol include California, Hawaii, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington.

So, for those "make your own liqueurs" people, the powers that be in Massachusetts feel that Everclear is just too dangerous for retail sale.

I have read some blogs, though, that say they have seen Everclear for sale at a few stores in Massachusetts. I cannot confirm this, however.

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