I remember my father always encouraging us as kids to take karate or self-defense classes. I think I took karate for a year when I was 14 and that was the end of it. 😂

The world can be a tough place and self defense is sometimes a must. So, what's the best way to prepare for and/or stop a threat?

I remember working for an alternative rock station about 20 years ago and the afternoon DJs had pepper sprayed a friend for an on-air bit and he was in some serious pain.

Literally cupping milk into his eyes for the better part of an hour was the only remedy to alleviate his demise. It was not fun to watch, but he was certainly out of commission, which is the point of pepper spray.

Mace is a brand name for pepper spray, for folks who were unaware.

Siberian Photographer
Siberian Photographer

So, Is It Illegal To Carry Pepper Spray In Massachusetts?

It is not. BUT... there are some restrictions.

People over 18 can have pepper spray, mace or other "self defense spray" without an FID card.

Here's who cannot carry pepper spray in Massachusetts.


  1. Can your attacker die from it? Although super painful, medical treatment is not necessary and your eyes should clear up on their own.
  2. Will it permanently hurt your eyes? No, but effects can last up to 45 minutes.
  3. What will alleviate the pain? Flushing with water, diluted baking soda, or milk can help.

Also, the makers of Mace do not suggest using any sort of wasp repellent for use of self-defense.

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