For the purpose of this post, I am, of course, talking about legal firearms. In the state of Massachusetts, even with an LTC (license to carry), there are guns that are illegal.

My wife had her LTC. Sadly, she passed away from breast cancer two years ago. Although I had taken the course to obtain my LTC, I never followed through.

Unbeknownst to me, however, I was possessing her firearm in our house illegally! It was properly stored and unloaded and that goes for the ammunition as well, but I was breaking the law and didn't even realize it.

While I realize my situation was sort or rare or unique, that is the reason for this post. Yes, it's illegal, but is it a felony?

Is Possession Of An Unlicensed Firearm In Your Home A Felony In Massachusetts?

Possession of an unlicensed firearm in your home or business is a misdemeanor in Massachusetts (MGL ch. 269, s. 10(h)(1)). It can be punished by up to two years in the House of Corrections (jail) and a $500 fine. For a second offense, the maximum fine increases to $1,000. This section also applies to illegal possession of ammunition.

Laws surrounding firearms are extremely important to know. I hope you found this post informative.

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