I think we've all done it at one point, right? I'm not saying right in the middle of the street or even the sidewalk, but maybe walking in the woods? It's biodegradable, what's the harm?

Most of us may consider littering to be chuckin' non-biodegradable things like plastic or metal on the ground, but really, you can't throw ANYTHING out the window. Gum, cigarettes, pennies are all considered trash.

hand holding a peeled banana against white background

Actually, I recall being told throwing money away is a federal offense. I can't imagine being arrested or at least being fined for it, but you get my drift.

Fruit Is Biodegradable, So What's The Harm?

It's harmful to wildlife.

Animals on the hunt for food can smell it and could choke on littered old food. Apple cores for one are way dangerous.

Littered food can also draw wildlife out of the woods and near highways...

One of the other issues with throwing food out of the window is that it can draw animals to the side of the road that would otherwise be far from the road. This can cause accidents as animals venture out on to the road in search of food and drivers try to avoid them. In addition to the potential for accidents, it is dangerous for animals to be brought into the open in search of food. -okcarz.com

Is It Illegal In Massachusetts?

Yes, littering of any kind, be it biodegradable food or what, is illegal and could cause you to lose your license for up to 7 days.

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