We always said that we were never gonna be "those parents", you know, the ones who get their child a tablet. Well, this past Christmas, Santa changed all that.

Our son, Liam, found an Amazon children's tablet under the tree this year, and he's been watching it non-stop. Since we have two kids now, I gotta say, we don't mind the quiet time.

In particular, Liam has become fascinated with YouTube and Amazon video superstar and child educating entertainer, Blippi.

His real name is Stevin John and hails from Ellensburg, WA. Residing in Las Vegas now, John thought he could do children's educational videos better that what was out there, and boy was he right. Since his first video in January of 2014, his videos have garnered over 2 billion views.

His signature look is a blue and orange beanie cap, blue shirt, suspenders, and blue and orange shoes. Blippi has countless videos for children ages 2-7 educating kids on anything from colors, numbers, and letters to farm equipment and public safety.

I gotta say, I can totally understand where parents can have an irrational hatred for Blippi (haha), but I like him. He offers a fun and playful way to educate younger children.

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