Berkshire County, we need to brace ourselves for another frigid few days, which will include a snowstorm that is expected to drop 3-5 inches on Thursday. The remnants of Winter Storm Grayson, which I can assure you these days is a proper name for the storm (my 4-year-old son's name), will be leaving a little bit of a mark. A Winter Storm Warning will be in effect from 1 a.m. Thursday until 1 a.m. on Friday along with a Wind Chill Watch from Friday at 1 a.m. until Saturday at 6 p.m.

Not only that, temperatures on Friday are expected to be near 0 degrees. No, that is not the overnight forecast; that is the high temperature for the day. Friday night we are expected to see overnight lows around -12 degrees. There won't be much improvement on Saturday. In fact, it will be even colder during the day as temperatures are expected to stay below zero all day long, with the overnight lows expected to reach -15 degrees.

Sunday will feel like a tropical vacation as temperatures will hit a whopping 12 degrees. While we are all bundled inside Netflix-ing and chilling with our flannel pajamas in tact, be advised that an improvement is around the corner, as far as temperatures go at least.

While we could see another 2-5 inches of snow between Monday night at Tuesday morning, along with a wintry mix, the silver lining is we will see something we haven't seen in a little while - temperatures in the 30's. That's right, not 3, 30's! On top of that, the extended forecast is predicting temperatures in the double digits for an entire 10-day stretch.

I would trade the frigid cold temperatures for 3-5 inches of snow any day of the week and twice on Sunday. While that natural transaction looks to be happening, I hope my opinion will stay the same. Stay warm this weekend Berkshire County!

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