It was 41 degrees on my way into work this morning, and yes I had the heat on in the truck. I had the heat on in the bathroom during my shower as well. So, I left an air conditioned bedroom, turned the heat on in the bathroom, and then in the truck. Sounds like mid to late September!

Determining when to take the AC out of the window and put it in the attic for the winter is a strange thing. It's like we love to be cold or at least sleep chilled come late spring and into the summer months, but then when fall knocks on our door and overnight temperatures hit the mid 40s, we still can't quite part with it yet...

The Noise Factor...

If you're an AC/fan combo kind of person like myself, not only do you get to reap the benefits of chilled air circulating around your room, but the noise... the sleep inducing, escape from an eerily quiet room, noise, can be addicting. Let's face it, addictions are hard to break, so we struggle on when to take that electricity sucking box out of our window every fall even when night time temperatures don't necessarily call for it.

Fall Is Tricky...

Saturday's high temperature is forecasted to be 72 and sunny, to boot. Sunday? Sunny and 80. The low temps is what we really gotta watch though, right? Yeah, the 40s are here to stay and it's probably time to put it away. Hey, at least the electricity bill will go down, RIGHT in time for the oil bill to arrive!

Thanks for listening.

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