A popular video showing three dads' seemingly never-ending struggle to collapse a stroller has some questioning its legitimacy.

Legit or not, it is absolutely hilarious.

Dad's Nearly Break Stroller In Viral Video

Jordon Flom is the father of a daughter and infant triplet sons. He also knows how to create relatable parenting content for any Mom or Dad who has felt the struggle of living life while trying to care for small humans.

While Flom often broadcasts the adventures of his own family of six, a new video of dads attempting to pack-up a stroller might be one of his best. The only problem is no one can tell if it's real or not.

In the clip, which has recently gone viral with several million views on both TikTok and Instagram, we see Flom trying to collapse a stroller before putting it into the trunk of a car near a park.

As Flom struggles with the stroller, another dad comes over to help. And then other.

Jordan Flom via Instagram
Jordan Flom via Instagram

They try every button on the stroller. They even flip it over to get a different perspective. Despite the increased manpower, none of them can figure it out.

In walks a lady who observed the trio wrestling with the stroller. In a matter of seconds she collapses the stroller sending the dads on their way.

So, did all of this really happen?

Wait, Is This An Ad?

Here's where the details around the intention of the viral video get a little murky.

First, Flom's account does include several pranks/skits where he does oddball parenting tasks to film the reaction of those around him.

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Someone in the comments on TikTok also pointed out this is a great ad for the durability of the stroller.

Before we head down that path, it is important to notice the brand of the stroller really isn't visible. Flom also doesn't mention it in his post.

The stroller company, Mockingbird, has responded to the original video with its own post saying "yes, it's durable, but you only need one person to fold it."

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