Scott and I were chatting the other night about the fact that he wants to grill something before it gets too cold.

This coming from a guy who has been known to grill when it is snowing!

What is your favorite thing to grill?

Saturday and Sunday we are supposed to have very nice weather with temps in the lower 70's.

We have done your usual grilling, everything from burgers and dogs to steak and ribs, even some side dish stuff.

One easy peasy recipe I think I am going to do is zucchini boats. I have to say the first time I cooked these when I was living in Florida and had a catagory one hurricane on the way.

All you will need for this recipe is green zucchini, Rice a Roni whatever flavor you like, and shredded cheese and aluminum foil.

Follow directions on Rice a Roni and set it to the since after cooking.

To Make the zucchini boats you take zucchini cut it in half, and take some of the middles out to make them look like boats.

Take the Rice a Roni and fill each boat, then add shredded cheese on top.

Wrap each one in aluminum foil, and place it on the grill. Depending on what meat you are cooking when you want to put your boats on there.

If you have a good heat going it should take about 25 minutes for the zucchini to soften and your cheese to melt.

The great thing about this side dish is that it goes with everything you can grill.

Now back to the other puzzle I am trying to solve, what should I cook on the grill this weekend? should it be ribs, chicken, burgers, and dogs or steak this weekend?

Waiting to hear some ideas from you!

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