So I have been doing some Holiday shopping, something that I am trying to get better at, if you know me I usually wait till the last minute to shop for the Holidays.

There are even some companies rolling out black Friday sales every Friday right now, they are trying to get a jump on their sales for the holiday season.

I feel I am doing good so far, and all of a sudden I get a phone call from the Fraud Alert Department of my Bank, and I have to say I have never been happier to have this with my Credit/ Debit Card account.

It kind of threw me at first because I thought I was always carefully using my card even when pumping gas I pull on the swipe bar to make sure it is not one of those bogus ones that take all your information.

Anyway, so I call the Fraud Alert Department back and find out that someone tried to use my card at a bunch of different locations all the way across the state near Boston. These thieves were trying to use it to buy shoes, $300 dollars worth, and $199 in Booze from a liquor store and it went on from there to the tune of over $800!

luckily for me only $1.83 was taken from me after all was said and done.

When talking to the Fraud Associate, I said to her " I always try to be careful", to which she replied,

"people who commit credit card fraud are very up on technology, it is what they do for a living they have devices that will pick up your numbers from your card right from your pocket or purse".

So everyone just try to be extra careful during this Holiday Season.  

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Here is a link to the Federal Trade Commission which has some ideas on trying to stay safe with your credit cards.   Also, If you are scammed that link will tell you what you need to do.

I was one of those folks who thought this would never happen to me but it did.  Check with your Bank or Credit Card Company to make sure you have some sort of Fraud Alert it will save you stress and money in the long run.

Happy shopping and stay safe!

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