Three people have charges pending in the October 2017 shooting death of city woman Asiyanna Jones and despite a lawyer's effort, charges for one will not be dropped.

According to The Berkshire Eagle, in mid-November a lawyer for Elizabeth Perez argued that not enough evidence was presented of her involvement in the shooting death of Jones to warrant the charges against her, and fought to get her case dismissed. Judge John Agostini said while the evidence presenting regarding Perez's involvement was "neither compelling nor consistent," viewing it in a light most favorable to the state, it is sufficient at this stage to allow the case to proceed toward trial.

Once the shooting began, Perez was certainly aware that (Gary) Linen possessed a firearm and was intent on using it during this confrontation... Most importantly, Perez and Linen were both observed approaching Ms. Jones' vehicle just prior to Linen firing gunshots into the vehicle.

Judge John Agostini

Perez, 27, Gary Linen, 39 and Carey Pilot, 47 are all accused of being involved in a gunfight on Dewey Avenue in Pittsfield in which a bullet not intended for Jones, struck and killed her.



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