The sight of Justin Bieber trying (and struggling) to dance to Ed Sheeran's latest No. 1 hit? Perfect.

Late Wednesday night (December 13), Bieber — apropos of nothing — uploaded a couple of videos to Instagram that found him trying to nail down his own "Perfect" choreographed routine. "I’m gonna get this dancing thing down," he captioned the clip, in which he spins alone through empty gym space until he falls off balance and decides to abandon the project.

In a second clip, he simplifies his goals, and somersaults across the same gym space only for the reel to suddenly end.

"Perfect," Sheeran's latest hit, is now sitting pretty atop the Billboard charts thanks to a remix that features Beyonce. It follows "Castle on the Hill," "Shape of You" and "Galway Girl" as singles from Sheeran's Divide. A video that dropped last month has already racked up nearly 300 million views.

Fans went wild in Bieber's responses — even Sheeran, himself, weighed in, noting "Nice song."

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