Man's best friend and State Troopers best parter. A K9 member of the Massachusetts State Police helped track and nab a suspect Monday, Dec 13.

In a post on social media, this past Monday night Massachusetts State Police K9 Unit Trooper Greg Valentine and his partner Kyber responded to Route 202 in Southwick to help local police officers search for a suspect who fled from a stolen car that had been pursued by local police earlier in the night.

Trooper Valentine deployed Kyber and they began a track through the business lot of a landscaping company, down an embankment behind the lot, and then across a small river.

Once across the river, K9 Kyber showed a proximity alert and changed the direction of his search. Almost immediately, the German Shepherd dove into a downed tree several feet away.

It was there Kyber located the male suspect and pulled him from the brush by the sleeve of his jacket.

Trooper Valentine and a Southwick Police Officer took the suspect, Roy Weaver, 48, into custody. The suspect reported that he had no injuries from the dog grabbing onto his jacket, and police observed no injuries on the suspect.

Westfield Police, who were involved in the initial pursuit, ultimately took custody of the prisoner


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