The beloved ice cream stand with a million flavors and much more on Main St. in Lanesborough is slated to reopen its outdoor seating and playground on April 29, according to a facebook post by owner John Levardi.

Slater had the chance to speak with John on the phone on Wednesday.

Slater: When did you open Krispy Kones originally?

John: 20 years ago. I can't believe it's my 20th season.

Slater: What was it before?

John: The Cheesehouse, back in the '70s. It served just wheels of cheese. You didn't know that?!

Slater: Anything new coming to the playground this year?

John: We have two new swingsets coming in around the first of June, and a big yellow tractor swingset along with slides and rope activity.


Slater: Why do you think you've made it 20 years at that location?

John: A lot of love and dedication. Did you know that they did a survey in Massachusetts that asked folks to name their favorite place to get ice cream and we (Krispy Kones) came in number 8 in all of Mass!

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Slater: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

John: Seeing all my beloved customers! We can't do it without you!

Krispy Cones is able to open up our outdoor seating and playgrounds again April 29th. We are excited to see all of our patrons!

We will still be offering curbside pick up in the smaller parking lot for those who would like to dine in their cars or simply just pick up an to go order.

We researched and found an exceptional product that meets the EPA guidelines that are effective against Covid-19. That's not all, this product also eliminates 31 types of bacteria and 19 other viruses.

We will be implementing this product in our sanitizing routine on the playground equipment and picnic tables to keep our families and children as safe as possible when dining or just hanging out with the family when you're with us.

We are dedicated to provide quality above standards and we can't wait to see you all enjoying our outdoor amenities again. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support during this time and we are so happy to be back in full swing. -John Levardi.

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