If you live in, or have driven through, Lanesborough, you may have seen a fox that doesn't look very healthy.

According to Lanesborough Animal Control, the fox, given the name of Ned, has a severe skin disease, which explains his appearance. They gave an update based on the amount of calls they have received, via their Facebook page.

"There’s been a lot of discussion about Ned the fox on social media as he has a pretty severe case of mange and looks like a scary Hyena," Lanesborough Animal Control officials said. "Mange is a skin disease caused by mites primarily transmitted from direct contact with other animals or within the soil of their dens. It’s normally easily treated with flea and tick type meds in domestic pets.

"Foxes are social creatures that tend to police themselves by evicting the sick animals from their home in order to keep the rest of the family healthy. This can account for Ned’s behavior as he can be seen more often during the day as he searches for food."

Despite the fox's appearance due to the disease, the town's animal control does not believe Ned to be dangerous. But that doesn't mean you should go up and pet him by any means.

"At this time Ned poses no danger to public health," they said.  "He is not rabid but actually appears to be a reasonably healthy animal other than the skin disease."

If you see Ned, the best course of action is to let him be, no matter who you are.

"I’ve spoken with Mass Wildlife and have been advised that trapping him would be illegal," they stated. "They feel it’s best not to interfere and that this is nature’s way of controlling species population."


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