I hate stopping when I'm trying to get somewhere. It's usually because I'm late, so I need to take a look in the mirror. In a civilized society there are the rules of the road for a reason! 😁

Red lights, green lights, yellow lights, red arrows, blinking lights, it goes on and on. For the most part, most people know that "right on red" after a complete stop is legal in Massachusetts. What about left on red? I always thought the answer was an absolute hard "no".

I was wrong. Kinda.

Here's When You Can Legally Turn Left On A Red Light In Massachusetts

A red traffic light against a blue and cloudy sky

You can make a right turn on a red light only after you come to a complete stop and yield to pedestrians or other vehicles in your path. You may not turn on red if a NO TURN ON RED sign is posted. You can turn left on a red light when driving on a one-way street and turning left onto another one-way street. -mass.gov

You may never run into a situation like this in your life, but now you know when you can legally turn left on red! There really is nothing worse than when you break some rule of the road and then see law enforcement and hope they didn't see you! 😂

Travel on public roadways is controlled by signs, signals, pavement markings, and driving laws. No matter what vehicle you drive or what road you drive on, you must obey these “rules of the road.”

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