Lenox Police Chief Stephen E. O'Brien has received several complaint calls lately concerning unregistered or "junk" cars blighting the area. According to berkshireeagle.com, you have 30 days to comply with the rules, a bylaw dating back to 1988.

All we're asking is that, if you have a junk, dilapidated, unregistered vehicle on your property, that you register it, have it removed for tax purposes, or permanently screen it. That does not mean with a shrub or a tarp. Put it in a garage, out of public view, or at the end of a long driveway where people from the road can't see it.

If you are guilty of having an unregistered or dilapidated vehicle on your property in public view, the good news is that you can donate it, if you wish.

Several nonprofits, such as the American Lung Association  and Make-A-Wish Foundation, offer junk vehicle removal services as a tax-deductible donation. Those vehicles are sold by a licensed dealer, with proceeds benefiting the nonprofits.

A $50 dollar a day fine will be your punishment if you do not comply with the recently enforced rule.

Does anyone not see the irony in Lenox having a junk car issue? Lenox is not normally known for this sort of thing. Or is it? Excuse my ignorance, if you're offended.


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