My buddy Ben is a car nut. He went to automotive engineering school for years and subsequently landed a good job at Ford. The reason I bring this up is that he loves to work on cars.

Unless you have a shop, however, you are sort of beholden having cars on your property to work on. If the vehicles are registered that's fine. What about if they aren't though?


How Many Unregistered Cars Can You Have On Your Property In Massachusetts?

If found that the answer is just one.

Unregistered Vehicles. A vehicle that does not bear a current license plate is deemed to be unregistered. Only one unregistered vehicle may be maintained on any residential lot and may be stored only in the rear yard screened from the public way or within a completely enclosed building.

Notice here that it says that is says that the unregistered vehicle must be stored in the rear of your property and sort of shielded from public view.

I have a neighbor who is learning the craft of automotive mechanics and likes to work on cars and trucks sometimes. Any vehicle on his property is registered by the (RMV) State of Massachusetts.

What Is The Penalty For More Than One Unregistered Vehicles On Your Property In Massachusetts?

Usually it is a $100 fine.

I hope you found this post informative.

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