The July 4th Independence holiday is coming up. This year the holiday falls on a Tuesday. Do I hear extended holiday calling? Of course, residents all throughout Massachusetts will be celebrating whether it's grilling, going to parades (we have a fantastic one in Pittsfield), going to see fireworks displays, and so on. One other activity many people will be partaking in is the consumption of alcohol. One question that comes up time and again is if you can purchase alcohol on July 4.

Is it Legal in Massachusetts to Sell and Purchase Alcohol on the 4th of July?

In case you didn't know, the only holidays in Massachusetts where stores can't legally sell alcohol are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The only other holiday where there are some limitations is Memorial Day which we previously wrote about and you can check out the article by going here. As far as Independence Day goes, you can legally buy alcohol and stores can legally sell it.

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...But You Still May Want to Purchase Your Alcohol Early Just to Be Safe

This Independence Day no matter where you live in Massachusetts whether it's Boston, Worcester, the Berkshires, New Bedford, Springfield, Webster, and everywhere in between you won't have to worry about purchasing your alcohol ahead of time as liquor stores can legally sell the product on July 4. Then again it may not be a bad idea to purchase your alcohol ahead of time due to the fact that some places could have limited holiday hours. Enjoy the holiday and drink responsibly.

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