Listeners of "Slater and Marjo In The Morning" may have heard Melissa and Ken Fawcett from Ready Set Play on-air on Wednesday announcing the 5 winners from this year's virtual Halloween Costume Contest!

One entrant from each of the five categories was chosen as the winner from that category and will receive $100 each...

The Live 95.9 Virtual Halloween Costume Contest WINNERS!

Category: Funniest

#4 Britain (Spam Can) WINNER!

#4 Britain

Category: Most Original

#9 Kevin (Marty McFly, Back To The Future II) WINNER!

#9 Kevin

Category: Scariest

#13 Avielle Tremble (Pennywise) WINNER!

#13 Avielle Tremble

Category: Cutest

#8 Kori (Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man) WINNER!

#8 Kori

Category: Best Mask

#1 Blake Weichmann (Bubonic Plague Doctor) WINNER!

#1 Blake Weichmann

Congrats to all the $100 winners! Nice job! A big Thank You to all who entered and better luck next year!

Thanks to Ready Set Play on Merrill Rd. in Pittsfield for helping us make this happen.

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