Let's face it: If you are going out on a dinner date, one of the main goals is to find a place with romantic ambience.


Good news, Berkshire county residents. You need not go far to make this experience a reality as this Western Massachusetts mainstay has been situated in Stockbridge for over two centuries. I'm sure you know where I am going with this valuable piece of information. The answer is quite obvious:


And the winner is our very own Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge as you will be surrounded with crystal chandeliers, antique china and colonial pewter which helps set the scene in the main dining room which has been in operation for over two centuries.

Fish and meat meals variety flat lay

Here is some of the fare you can sample as you and your dining companion can begin by trying out the assorted cheese and charcuterie board accompanied by any of the 300 selections on the wine list.

Red wine bottles stacked in rack on warm background



Roasted Beef
Eugene Bochkarev

One of the restaurant’s specialties is prime rib roast beef served with a rosemary popover and horseradish cream. Or you can indulge in the poisson et frites consists of pan-seared halibut, shaved Brussel sprouts, and malt vinegar potato chips. Both options sound delicious if you ask me.

Valentine's Day

February 14th is still months away as you should make plans to reserve your spot as The Inn offers a Valentine’s Day menu that can be served a la carte or at a prix fixe. Selections include oysters on the half shell, pan-seared scallops, duck breast, and strawberry mousse for dessert. A true smorgasbord in more ways than one.


Added bonuses include spending the night at one of their elegant hotel rooms and you can head downstairs for a cocktail and a concert featuring some of our local musical talent at the ever popular Lion's Den. For more details on your upcoming stay, log on to their web site by going here.

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of a recent survey published at https://boston-tourism-made-easy.com/romantic-restaurants-in-massachusetts/)

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