There was some very happy news in the Berkshire county town of Egremont recently. A horse that had wandered off has been safely returned to its home in Egremont.

The thinking was that he was possibly trying to get back to his previous home...

According to a post on the Egremont Police Department Facebook page, the large white draft-type horse named Charlie, wearing a halter was reported to have escaped from his new home on Prospect Lake Road in Egremont on Monday afternoon. According to the post, Charlie may have been trying to make his way back to Ancram, NY where he came from previously.

When Charlie first went missing, he was reported to have last been seen in the Jug End Road/Mount Washington Road area.

Charlie is back where he belongs, safe and sound!

The Police Department posted an update on its Facebook page on Tuesday morning, sharing the happy news that Charlie had indeed been located and was back home safely!


Egremont Police Facebook Page

This update was posted on the "Lost and Found Pets of Western MA" Facebook page, after having been listed on the Mt. Washington ACO page:

Update - Charlie the horse has been found here in Mount Washington and is currently in the owner's hand waiting to go home. Thank you everyone who was on the lookout and helped in getting him home.



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While the search was ongoing, one Facebook comment suggested that a drone might be helpful, and it certainly could be if something like this were to happen again. Another comment said that the information was posted on Steve Caporizzo's "Pet Connection" page.

In any case, this story had a very happy ending, indeed!


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