Bay State residents: If you are looking for a quintessential day trip, then head west to neighboring New York as people have a hard time pronouncing the area. If you recall, my first radio job was at WCKL-AM in Catskill where we spotlighted this vicinity with advertisements and public service announcements plus my Program Director who gave me my big break in radio hails from here.

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The village we are referring to is Coxsackie, New York which is located in the northeastern portion of Greene county. The correct way to pronounce this hamlet is Cook-Sahk-Key with a population of over 8,000 as the town is best known as "the owl's hoot". Follow the phonetics and with a little practice, you'll master the correct way

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The village bisects routes 385 and 81 and route 9-W as Massachusetts residents can take a drive out west and arrive there within 90 minutes as you head west on route 23 to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and upon entering the village of Catskill follow the signs to 9-W north which takes you to your impending destination. there is also an exit (21-B) on The New York State Thruway brings you to these beautiful surroundings

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Upon arrival, check out The Bronck House which is the oldest standing building in The Empire State. Stop on by at Riverside Park located on Reed Street where 5 acres of beautiful scenery awaits you. A suggestion: bring your camera and take some awesome pictures as the Hudson River is within full view. Sleepy Hollow lake is also a must-see as the property has been deemed as a resort development.

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Coxsackie also has an array of local shops and restaurants (Red's is a mandatory stop for seafood lovers) and The Hi-Way Drive-In on route 9-W is one of the last outdoor theaters standing where you can experience a slice of Americana while watching one of your favorite films released. Quite an assortment of places to go if you ask me.

BOTTOM LINE: If you ask me, it's hard to pronounce, but well worth the trip to an area in familiar surroundings as this former New Yorker discovered some of the state's best kept secrets as I continue to explore new horizons to this day!

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