Many of our visitors who head north to the beautiful Berkshires arrive from my ol' hometown of New York City and it's surrounding areas to take in our wonderful scenery year round. The infancy of cable TV was also prevalent in the late 1970's and if you were fortunate to pick up WNEW-TV (channel 5, now WNYW) then you remember hearing these all-important words prior a full hour of news coverage based in New York's east side on 67th street:

"It's 10 pm. Do you know where your children are?"

(10 O' Clock News Theme clip courtesy of TellyFarnsworth)

Enter The 10 O' Clock News which was a metro area fixture which was executed in high fashion. A true ensemble of anchors and reporters who were dedicated to providing viewers with a no-nonsense and accurate product that commanded attention. John Roland had the honor of steering this daily ship at channel 5. He was "The Captain" who made sure each and every voyage was smooth sailing and his guidance paid off in more ways than one. Here is an example of John with co-anchor Bill MacCreary and the crew at their BEST:

(WNEW-TV video clip courtesy of NewsActive3)

Our hearts have been heavy since last weekend when we heard John Roland passed away in Florida due to complications from a stroke. He was 81 years old and a perfectionist of his craft from the time he was a reporter at Metromedia's KTTV in Los Angeles, California where he covered major stories including the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Roland then headed east to New York in 1969 and remained at WNEW and WNYW (the station changed call letters in the late 80's) until his retirement in 2004. As Tina Turner said: "Simply THE BEST!"

Here is a clip with Bill and John with Bill Jorgensen (ironically, Roland was instilled as his permanent replacement back in 1979)

On a personal note, I visited the halls of WNEW as the studios were of walking distance from Hunter College. Bill Boggs and Pete Magelof were always accommodating and they made sure I would stop over and say hello to John and his crew, a badge of honor. I ALWAYS greeted him with a salute (after all, he was The Captain) and was lucky enough to connect with him on the Linked In business social network. He knew about me being a radio DJ in college and said that I had a terrific voice. Thank you, John for those kind words.

Roland also appeared on the silver screen as a reporter or as himself in such films as Hero at Large, Eyewitness The Scout and The Object of My Affection.

After he decided to close out his productive journalistic career, these word summed it up BEST:

“I want to thank you for inviting me into your home for all these years. It’s an invitation I never took for granted and always considered an honor.”

John Roland was the TRUE embodiment of TV journalism and his contributions will NEVER be forgotten. His memory will ALWAYS remain eternal and everlasting.

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