I started noticing my hair going gray around the age of 26 and I was like "Oh, what the hell!" Genetics for sure plays a role in this since all of my aunts and uncles on my mother's side had the same thing happen to them.

I hadn't considered dyeing it until I turned 30, so I did, and a few more times after that until it started to "look dyed". After that, I started to fully embrace the gray.

Over the summer; however; it started looking REALLY gray, even my facial hair is almost completely gray now.

While vacationing in NH this summer with family, I realized my uncle, who has very similar hair to me, was noticeably darker than I last saw him. He confessed that he was using Just For Men "Control GX", a gradually gray reducing shampoo.

Screen Grab from YouTube
Screen Grab from YouTube

His hair didn't look unnatural at all, so I bought some just recently and Marjo beat me up on the air about it for a bit on Friday.

I was certainly not fishing for a compliment, but she said that my gray hair works for me and thinks I'm crazy for wanting to dye it, even if only a little.



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