I'm a self proclaimed Grinch, Christmas just isn't my thing. I love the wonder and magic that children experience during the holiday season, but as adult, it's just expensive and time consuming. Don't even get me started on Holiday Music. The one exception to my general bah humbug, is a great Christmas Movie. I want mostly humor, with just a splash of holiday sentiment and mushiness. I've never seen A Christmas Story, nor do I want to, but I can basically recite Bad Santa, if that gives you a better idea of the angle I'm working here.


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    Home Alone

    Hands down, no questions asked, this 1990 blockbuster is the greatest Christmas movie ever. While I could literally go on for hours about it's epic-ness (I'm aware, not a real word) its has Physical comedy, you know you love watch Marv and Harry get taken out by impeccably placed match box cars, a little bit of suspense, wondering if Old Man Marley really did have bodies ground up in his salt bin, but still has a the feel good "true meaning of Christmas" B.S. in the mix. BONUS: the movie has provided me with classic catch phrases that I still use today, "Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF!"

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    Santa! I know him! This 2003 movie just doesn't get old. First of all, even on his worst day, anything Will Ferrell does is pants peeing hilariousness, but Buddy's likability goes beyond just humor. The character is endearing and charming, you just want to give the guy a hug. I also love the contrast between wild and outgoing Buddy and the monotone, almost exhausted personality of Papa Elf, portrayed by the iconic Bob Newhart. This movie turned into such a classic, they made it into a Broadway production for crying out loud!

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    Bad Santa

    Ok, I know some of you Christmas purists will be against me on this one, but hear me out. Also from 2003, this movie is the perfect combination of borderline offensive adult humor (my favorite) and embracing the holiday spirit, when Billy Bob Thornton's character find compassion in the unintentional bond he forms with "The Kid". It reminds us that even a dirty old man like Willie can find love (not just for strippers) in his heart around the holidays. Throw in some hilarious supporting cast mates in Tony Cox, a disgruntled little person, and Bernie Mac as Willie's chain smoking boss, you've got yourself a hit ladies and gentleman. I would love to insert some of my favorite quotes, but the words, "not suitable for work content", come to mind.

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    A Very Muppet Christmas

    Not to be confused with A Muppet's Christmas Carol, this 1987 feature was a staple in my childhood. I know some of you might not even know this movie existed, but it's actually the first movie that comes to mind when I think of the holidays as a child. My parents very illegally recorded it off TV on to a VHS tape that my brother and I were obsessed with. The movie is adorable, the entire Muppet crew goes to Fozzi's Mom's farmhouse for the holidays, and she ends up with a more than full house. Every Muppet ever is in this thing (no, seriously) there's even a cameo from the Sesame Street gang, singing Muppet snowmen and reindeer, and let's not forget the introduction of Fraggle Rock! Groundbreaking, really. If you have never seen this classic, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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    The Santa Clause

    First of all, who doesn't love a good play on words. In 1994, at the height of Tim Allen's popularity, this holiday favorite kicks off by Scott Calvin, accidentally killing Santa. Watching Allen's character physically (a good fat suit always gets a laugh) and emotionally transition into Santa Clause is just good, plain fun. All you sappy saps out there have to love the character arch that we see S.C. go through from a distant, disconnected father, to having a special bond with his son and realizing work isn't everything.

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