We've all see posts on the internet that say, "If you see purple paint, beware. If you see purple paint, get the heck out of here". I'm the type of guy to respect the law, so if I saw purple paint, I'm not entering land marked with it.

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What is a purple paint law?

It has to do with property boundaries and warning trespassers. You won't see a ton of purple paint in more of the crowded areas of states with purple paint laws. If you own land where people can access to hunt, cross-country ski, fish, use ATVs, you might some purple paint on trees, posts, or any other markers of some sort.

Purple also has a very interesting meaning. If there is purple paint somewhere, it typically means no trespassing. Purple paint could signify that someone is about to step onto private property, which means that if they are there without permission, they could be arrested for trespassing. Is this an actual law? There are several states that have interesting statutes related to purple paint. -wpr.com

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Does Massachusetts enforce purple paint laws?


In fact, only two New England states enforce purple paint laws, New Hampshire and Maine.

Even landowners who live in states without the law such as Massachusetts may still use the paint to add some attention to their 'no trespassing' warnings.

Hunters and trappers should know they might encounter purple markings on trees and that these marks are meant to define the boundary of an adjoining private property that's posted against trespassing.

The penalty for trespassing varies in each state. Whether or not you'll be arrested for trespassing depends. The penalty for trespassing in Massachusetts includes a fine of not more than one hundred dollars or by up to 30 days in prison or by both fine and imprisonment. Massachusetts does not enforce purple paint laws, however.

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