Are older drivers responsible for more motor vehicle crashes in Massachusetts? The state of Massachusetts says no.

Statistics tell us that the crash rate for older drivers is relatively low due to the fact that most older drivers tend to self-regulate by taking simple but important precautions.

I bet you know a good elderly driver story though, don't you?

Driver's License Law Changes For MA Residents Over 75

Once you turn 75 in the state of Massachusetts, this option goes away and you may be subject to a road test.

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Massachusetts law requires drivers who are 75 years of age or older to renew in person.

My friend John's father just received a letter in the mail reminding him that his license was expiring soon and since he was 75, he was no longer eligible for renewing his license online.

You may want to consider driving less or not at all if you have difficulty:

  • Seeing clearly in dusk and dark
  • With vehicle headlights obstructing your sight
  • With passing vehicles intimidating you
  • Reading road signs
  • Following detours or seeing police on detail
  • Seeing train crossing signals or hearing train whistles
  • Keeping up with the posted speed limit
  • Concentrating or staying alert behind the wheel
  • Hearing other vehicles
  • With driving basics like seat belts or head lights
  • With parking
  • With slow reaction times or reflexes

Age is subjective. There are 85 year-olds out there who can still run a 5k, others should not be driving. Naturally, though, government intervention is always a polarizing topic.

My wife was severely injured in a car crash back in 2016 by an 88 year-old driver. Pittsfield, MA had 3 pedestrian deaths this year with all 3 at fault drivers being 84 years of age and older.

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