In Massachusetts, it's pretty luxurious having access to some of the best local restaurants and eateries, not just in the New England region, but throughout the country. This typically includes almost any type of food option you are looking for. It even includes a restaurant that has now been named as the best BBQ spot in the Bay State.

Recently, the lifestyle publication, '24/7 Tempo', released its list of the best barbecue restaurant in every state, which is essentially among the best barbecue restaurants in the U.S. While Massachusetts might not exactly be the first state someone might think of for some great barbecue, we definitely have a spot in the Bay State that you'll want to make a trip to in the near future.

Where is the Best BBQ Spot in Massachusetts?

For this particular spot, you will have to head to the eastern side of the state, just a couple of blocks from Fenway Park in Boston. The best BBQ spot in Massachusetts is Sweet Cheeks Q.

If you love barbecue, your mouth is probably already watering. Here's what '24/7 Tempo' had to say about their pick for Massachusetts best BBQ spot:

Boston chef-restaurateur Tiffani Faison, known for such places as Fool’s Errand and Bubble Bath, fired up the smoker at Sweet Cheeks in 2011. Meats include pulled heritage pork, pork belly, prime brisket, both pork and beef ribs, and cheddar-jalapeño hot links, but there’s also buttermilk fried chicken, mac n’ cheese made with pimento cheese, and highly acclaimed buttermilk biscuits with honey butter.

Not only does this joint have what you might expect to see on a barbecue restaurant's menu, it also has its own blend of unique meats, sandwiches, and more that you can see on their menu here.

Perhaps they need to be added as a stop for your next Massachusetts road trip. After all, they are known as the best BBQ spot in the state!

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