When I was a kid growing up in the northern Berkshires, my bedroom was incredibly small. All I could really fit in it was my bunk beds, a little stand for my television, and a trash bucket. My dresser was out in the hallway and the room didn't even contain a closet. Needless to say, I was thrilled when my brother moved to Pennsylvania in 1995 to go to college as I moved into his much bigger bedroom which actually contained a closet and room to walk around. After I moved into his room, I turned my previous bedroom into a drum room where I could practice playing my drums.

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Is It Legal to Have Bedrooms Without Closets in Massachusetts? 

As I looked back at my first bedroom situation, I started wondering if there were any legal issues regarding not having a closet in my bedroom. Lo and behold, in Massachusetts, it's perfectly legal to have a room that doesn't contain a closet and still be classified as a bedroom. Here's what Massachusetts Real State Agent/NewsBreak Contributor Kevin Vitali had to say about the no closet in a bedroom scenario:

Here in Massachusetts and most parts of the country, a bedroom is not legally required to have a bedroom. Most states and municipalities fall back to the International Residential Code or IRC. The code does not require a bedroom to have a closet. Nowhere in the code documentation is a closet spelled out.

So if you are house hunting in Massachusetts whether it be Boston, Cape Cod, Berkshire County, or anywhere within the Bay State, and find along your journey that there is a bedroom without a closet in a home that you're touring, it's perfectly legal....not ideal but it's not illegal. Heck, my bedroom didn't even have a door. Oh, the memories. Check out Kevin's article by going here.

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