Not just in Massachusetts, but worldwide, it's never been all that inexpensive to attend the hallowed halls of academia but nowadays with the high cost of living it seems more expensive than ever. The average cost at a four-year college, factoring in tuition plus room and board, is approximately $27,940 to $57,570 per year.

We all know that choosing the right college is not an easy undertaking nor an easy final decision to make. However, the folks at U.S. News & World Report have come to the rescue once again by updating a study that might help make that final decision a little easier.

U.S. News looked at lots of data, factored that in with expert advice, and came up with a ranking of 2024's Best Colleges in the nation. Massachusetts carries on its great tradition of providing quality education by placing TWO colleges in the top 3 of the rankings!

Sadly for us but good for our friends in New Jersey, the #1 top-ranked college in the country went to Princeton University! However, the Bay State garners high praise for having the next highest spots in the rankings!

Two Massachusetts universities were ranked at #2 and #3! Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (or M.I.T.) located in Cambridge, was ranked as the second-best college in the nation!

Also located in the beautiful college town of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is Harvard University which is ranked as the third-best college in the country! How awesome is that? Out of the top 3 universities in the nation, two of them are right here in the Bay State!

Check it out for yourself by visiting U.S. News and World Report's website here.

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