Massachusetts is full of reasons why people want to move here including our public education and higher education offerings, top-notch healthcare, outside recreation options, history, art, culture, and our impressive job market just to name a few. In addition, Massachusetts has been named the best place to raise a family throughout the years.

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Is Massachusetts Friendly Toward Older Folks When It Comes to Livability? 

While it's great that many people can take advantage of all that Massachusetts has to offer what about the folks who are going to be ready to retire that don't have a lot of savings? Due to life events, the economy, and other factors, many people are only able to rely on living on their social security checks once they retire. Are there places in Massachusetts where those folks can live?

The Best Places to Live on Social Security in Massachusetts 

GoBanking Rates listed the top 10 places where people can live in Massachusetts solely on social security. Let's take a look at the top three.

Coming in at the #3 position is Springfield. Here are Springfield's stats:

  • Average rent: $1,582.17
  • Average total monthly cost of living: $3,352.18
  • Livability score: 74

GoBanking Rates states that Springfield isn’t particularly loaded with retirees — only about 12.5% of the population is 65 or older. However, Massachusetts' third largest city lands at #3 on the site's list.

Landing at the #2 position is the city of Pittsfield. Here are Pittsfield's stats:

  • Average rent: $1,450.05
  • Average total monthly cost of living: $3,178.72
  • Livability score: 73

GoBanking Rates states that Pittsfield has about 44,000 residents — about 20% of whom are age 65 or older. Average monthly costs for groceries ($403) and transportation ($302) are the lowest in the site's top 10.

Chicopee takes the top spot when it comes to the #1 place people can live in Massachusetts on just a social security check. Here are Chicopee's stats:

  • Average rent: $1,431.25
  • Average total monthly cost of living: $3,150.08
  • Livability score: 75

GoBanking Rates states that retired couples relying on just Social Security will appreciate Chicopee’s average monthly rent (the second lowest on the list) and average monthly total cost of living (the lowest on the list). You can view the complete list here.

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