We covered many strange laws in the past that are still on the books in Massachusetts but for the most part, are not enforced in this day and age. Weird laws like for example in Boston it's illegal to bathe unless your doctor gives you a prescription. But, it’s also illegal not to bathe before going to bed in Boston. Yeah, try to figure that one out. How about the strange Massachusetts law where roosters are not allowed to go into bakeries? Who even thought of that one? How about in Marlboro the law that forbids people from buying, selling, or owning squirt guns? I think we can agree that there are certainly some strange laws in Massachusetts and you can check out a bunch of them here.

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Another law that is considered a Blue Law that is still on the books isn't that strange but for many the act is annoying and that's kissing in public. I'm surprised I didn't find this one earlier but it is a Massachusetts blue law and currently isn't enforced. However, I'm sure there are some people out there who would love to see this law carried out as some find public displays of infection intolerable.

What are your thoughts on kissing in public in Massachusetts? If someone in law enforcement sees this act should they break it up or worse yet write the couple up or do you say "Heck, let them go at it." Just think next time you are kissing in public you can think to yourself "At one time I could have gone to jail for this"...lol.

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