As we have mentioned in previous articles, there's no question that Berkshire County is a tourist destination not only for regular folks like you and me but celebrities also come to the Berkshires to visit, work, play, explore, move and build a life here. Think about all of the big-time musicians and bands that have performed in the Berkshires. Whether it's in Pittsfield, North Adams, Lenox, Williamstown, Dalton, Great Barrington, Egremont, and more, many well-known names including James Taylor, the Beach Boys, Christoper Cross, The Who, Goo Goo Dolls, Cake, Beck, Crash Test Dummies, Gin Blossoms, Graham Nash, Arlo Gutherie, Natalie Merchant, Kenny Aronoff, Train, Steve Miller Band, Jackson Browne and many more have all put on excellent performances in Berkshire County.

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With all of that said, we have gone ahead and added to our list of celebrities who were born in Massachusetts including Berkshire County. In the list, you'll find celebrities from a variety of fields including film, television, sports, history, and more. You may even find a few surprises in the list and say to yourself "I didn't know he/she was born in Massachusetts or Berkshire County." We'll continue to update the list on a regular basis but at this moment, let's take a look at 110 celebrities who were born in Massachusetts including the Berkshires. Enjoy!

These Celebrities Were Born in Massachusetts...Some in the Berkshires

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