Unfortunately, inflation is something that we have to deal with on a regular basis. It gets tougher to make ends meet with food, rent, and utilities prices going up and the list goes on and on. Finding affordable housing in Massachusetts is also difficult for many with waiting lists not shrinking anytime soon. One thing we can all agree on is things aren't getting any cheaper.

Another Service That Doesn't Seem to Get Any Cheaper in Massachusetts is Cable Television

Another service we can count on increasing in price on a regular basis is cable television. Sometimes you'll see small increases little by little and then all of a sudden you may see your bill rise as much as $10 to $20, just crazy.

What Happens if I Make a Late Payment on My Cable Bill in Massachusetts? 

In an era where many of us have to make priorities on what bills to pay first, you may not be able to pay your cable bill on time. If you ever have or are planning on paying your bill late you may be worried about the consequences and if your service will be disconnected. Before the disconnection occurs, you need to go into delinquent mode and even then you may be charged a late fee before the step of being disconnected becomes a reality.

When is My Cable Account Considered Delinquent in Massachusetts? 

According to Mass.gov, a subscriber's account can be considered delinquent if payment has not been received by the cable operator thirty days after the due date shown on the subscriber's bill. In addition, you could be charged a late fee by your cable company only after your account is considered delinquent, the cable operator must provide the subscriber a written late charge notice, and the subscriber must be given eight days from the date the amount becomes delinquent to pay the balance due.

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At What Point Would My Cable Be Disconnected in Massachusetts? 

Mass.gov states that your cable can be disconnected under the following conditions:

(1) a subscriber's account must be considered delinquent; (2) the cable operator must give the subscriber written termination notice; and (3) the subscriber must be given at least eight business days from the mailing date of the termination notice to pay the balance due.

Obviously, it's a good idea to contact your cable provider and check out what the provider's policies are if you think you may be making a late payment. Of course, Spectrum is a big cable provider in Massachusetts with locations throughout the state including Worcester, Boston, the Berkshires, Springfield, Chicopee and too many locations to name here. But no matter who your provider is, it's a good idea to check their policies so there aren't any surprises waiting for you. You can get more information on Massachusetts cable billing and policies by going here.

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