Massachusetts is famous for many things, but the concentration of colleges in the Commonwealth and the rest of New England is unmatched. So it makes sense that some of the nation's best schools are right in Massachusetts.

The cost of higher education is rising, despite student debt continuing to plague adults throughout the country. The average public out-of-state school is $26,820, the average private out-of-state school is $36,880. Public in-state tuition is a little easier on the wallet, averaging $10,440, but most folks are paying more. Much, much more.

The growing cost of higher education and the burden of student debt are a constant conversation nationwide and Massachusetts is no different. With 114 colleges and universities in the Commonwealth, it might not come as a big surprise that some of the most expensive schools in the country are located here in Massachusetts.

These Three Massachusett Colleges Top $90,000 a Year Tuition


  • Boston University - $90,207 per year, including tuition, room, board, and other expenses. Founded in 1893, the private research university has 36,729 students made up of 17,590 undergraduates and 17,937 postgraduates.
  • Wellesley College - $92,060 per year including tuition, room, board, and health insurance. Founded in 1870 and located in Wellesley, Massachusetts this four-year private women's liberal college has 2,280 undergraduate students.
  • Tuft University - $95,888 for tuition, room, board, and other expenses. Located in Medford, Massachusetts, the private research university founded in 1852 is home to 12,648 students made up of 6,559 undergrads and 6,089 postgrads.

There are a few others close to the $90,000 annual tuition mark. Brandeis University in Waltham is at $89,824 per year, Amherst College comes in at $88,210, and  Massachusetts Institute of Technology is climbing steadily to $85,960.


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