The good news is, I have no cavities. Although there is no "bad news", I did find out recently that I'm kind of a rare breed, not one I can take any credit for, but still pretty rare.

After some routine X-Rays, my dentist says to me "Did you know, you have extra wisdom teeth?" I was like, "Extra"?

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Let's take a step back for a second and realize that there really is no need for wisdom teeth anymore. There was maybe 500,000 years ago, but not now. Crazy right?

Today, our palates are a little more refined, and we prefer softer foods. Plus, modern cooking tools have put our wisdom teeth out of business.

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Anyway, so yeah, I have 8 wisdom teeth! Luckily so far, they have not moved and I don't need them to be extracted. That would be terrible I imagine.

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So, some people don't have any, (even before extraction), but some can have up to 12! These extra wisdom teeth, or, supernumerary are very rare.

In my work seeing thousands of patients I personally I have seen quite a few patients that have DOUBLE wisdom teeth. That’s a total of eight wisdom teeth! There are some extreme cases where people have even more. These cases are rare though, and you would be quite unique to fall into this category. In fact its around one or two people per hundred that have these extra wisdom teeth.

My dentist says, if they're not bothering you, leave 'em alone! Fingers crossed.

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