Tis the season and I'm sure you've got your tree up by now whether it be fake or real. However, if you've got a real tree and have a dog in the house, you need to be aware of this.




Yes, there is the chewing of the lights risk, as well as, the eating of the ornaments, but if you've got a thirsty dog, it behooves you to keep your dog away from that tree water!



Tree water can poison your dog. Preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers and other agents, such as aspirin, are commonly added to tree water to keep the tree fresh. Treated water can be harmful to a thirsty dog - so use a covered tree water dish to be safe. -hartz.com

Even if you don't add anything to the Christmas tree water, it can still make your dog or animal mildly ill.

The water can be stagnant or contain bacteria. Trees can leak sap and the water can contain fertilizers that leak from the tree to the water. ... If the pet is acting normal, please carefully watch them for any signs of illness including not eating, vomiting, diarrhea or lethargy. -granvillevet.com

Obviously, if you have a artificial tree, you don't have to worry; however, your furry friend needs to stay away from the water your real tree is sucking up!

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