Let's get right to it, Berkshire County friends and neighbors. Does anyone out there really enjoy traveling? I'm not talking about finally arriving at your destination and having that dream vacation (if everything goes according to plan) you've been longing for.

No, I'm talking about the act of getting to that destination. Does anyone really truly enjoy it? Now when I was younger and the family went on several road trips together, that was different.

Those were always a lot of fun but my memories are clouded by the fact that I was a kid. Usually, kids don't have to deal with the stress and problems that occur. That's what parents were for.

Recently, Bookies.com looked at every state's busiest airport to find out which is the worst in the country. To come up with their findings, the Bookies.com crew looked at three different metrics for every airport.

Data was collected from the percentage of departing flights that were delayed by at least 15 minutes, the percentage of departing flights that were outright canceled, and the average length of TSA wait times.

The results are quite interesting, to say the least. Massachusetts travelers will be unhappy to learn that Boston's Logan International Airport is one of the absolute worst in the United States.

It's probably too late for some of you to change your travel plans, but here are the Top 10 Worst Airports in the Country, according to Bookies.com:

  1. Newark Liberty International Airport - New Jersey
  2. Denver International Airport - Colorado
  3. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport - Texas
  4. Orlando International Airport - Florida
  5. Logan International Airport - Massachusetts
  6. O'Hare International Airport - Illinois
  7. Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport - Wisconsin
  8. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - Louisiana
  9. JFK International Airport - New York
  10. Honolulu International Airport - Hawaii

Yep. No misprint there. Logan is the 5th worst airport in the country! And having flown several times out of Logan, I have no trouble believing that. Same with Chicago's O'Hare. I can't tell you the number of times I've had connecting flights out of O'Hare that were on the opposite end of that HUGE airport and I had 15 minutes to get there.

Check out the rest of the study (including the best airports in the country) by visiting Bookies.com's website here. Happy (and safe) Travelling!

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