Time for some honesty, Berkshire County friends and neighbors. Would you consider yourself a neat freak? The type of person who's actually at their happiest when they're cleaning, wiping, scrubbing, decluttering, and/or sanitizing something?

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Or are you at the opposite end of the spectrum? Remember, we're looking for honesty here. Are you a slob? A slug? A slacker, layabout, slattern, couch potato? Maybe you even have the best of intentions of doing some cleaning but never get around to it.

Guess what? If you find yourself belonging to that second group, you're NOT ALONE. Would you believe that, according to a recent nationwide survey, Massachusetts is the SECOND messiest state in the country?

Mr. Rooter recently conducted a survey where they asked over 3,000 Americans about their cleaning habits. Sad to say, the Commonwealth did not perform well. Out of all the states (some states were not included due to insufficient survey respondents), the only state messier than Massachusetts was Delaware. WOW!

There were some interesting statistics to come out of Mr. Rooter's survey. For instance, bathrooms in Massachusetts households are the second messiest in the country! I don't know about you but I find that rather hard to believe.

Also, Bay State residents who participated in the survey say they spend an average of 2 hours and 11 minutes cleaning per week. PER WEEK!!! Just a little over two hours a week devoted to cleaning just doesn't seem right.

So, where are all the neat freaks residing? According to Mr. Rooter's survey, the three neatest states are Maryland at #1, Georgia at #2, and (a state I've visited several times) Louisiana at #3.

For the full survey, visit Mr. Rooter's website by clicking here. I guess I'll go tidy up now!

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