I have to ask first off, Berkshire County residents: Are you familiar with the term "TV Show Millionaire"? It may sound like it's made up or it's a slang term for something, but it's an actual thing.

Thanks to "reality" TV shows like "Survivor", competition shows like "The Amazing Race", or game shows like "Jeopardy!", there have been numerous contestants who have won one million dollars (or more) on the TV screen.

Recently, just for fun, the experts at BetMassachusetts.com decided to take a look at which states have the most TV show millionaires residing in them. According to the BetMassachusetts team, to gather the results, they:

...utilized Wikipedia.com and other sources to gather each contestant who has won a million dollars (in one or multiple attempts) from the U.S. versions of “Survivor,” “Wheel of Fortune,” all variations of “Jeopardy!” “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?” “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” “The Price Is Right,” “Deal or No Deal,” “The Amazing Race,” “Big Brother,” and “The Challenge.”

Let me ask you this: Do you know any TV show millionaires personally? I only ask because, apparently, Massachusetts has more than a few that live right here in the Bay State. Who knew?

According to BetMassachusetts, the Commonwealth is tied with Texas for being home to the 3rd-most TV show millionaire winners in the country with 6! Wow! You mean there are 6 people currently living in Massachusetts that have won boffo bucks from a TV show? That's pretty amazing!

Here are the official results courtesy of BetMassachusetts.com:

  1. California - 26 winners (far and away leading the pack!)
  2. New York - 8 winners
  3. Massachusetts/Texas - (two-way tie) 6 winners
  4. Texas/Massachusetts - (two-way tie) 6 winners
  5. Ohio/Pennsylvania - (two-way tie) 5 winners
  6. Pennsylvania/Ohio - (two-way tie) 5 winners
  7. New Jersey - 4 winners
  8. Florida/Illinois/Utah/Virginia - (four-way tie) 3 winners

Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself at BetMassachusetts' website here. There's plenty of cool info including some of the actual Massachusetts winners and the TV shows they were on.

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