In terms of its age in American history, Massachusetts is one of the oldest states in the United States. The 'Founding Fathers' had so much history either in or around the New England area in working hard to help with the creation of this country, you might think that our heritage rubbed on our state. Unfortunately, you would be very wrong.

Our friends at WalletHub recently researched what the hardest working states in the U.S. are. Massachusetts was NOT one of them. We weren't even close. We were listed as the 44th hardest working state in the country. Conversely, that pretty much means we are the 7th laziest state in the nation. That's how that works.

One of the big factors used in the study is average work-week hours. Surely, we're proactive in soaking up work hours when it comes to the daily grind, right? NO. Far from it.

Zhang Kenny via Unsplash
Zhang Kenny via Unsplash

Massachusetts finished as having the 5th lowest average hours during a work week. We're really just dragging ourselves to get through the week with the least amount of work hours that we can apparently.

Jordan Bauer via Unsplash
Jordan Bauer via Unsplash

The only states to finish below us on this list are Connecticut, West Virginia, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, and New Mexico, as they were the absolute laziest. But see, even our neighbors in New York and Connecticut are lazy like us, and even worse! And Rhode Island, don't even get me started on you. And you're so small, you're lucky you're even a state!

However, despite the laziness of the Bay State, we actually finished tied for third in having the lowest 'Idle Youth Rate'. So basically, the younger generations in Massachusetts are getting to work. That's a positive! We'll take it!

Of course, this is obviously all in jest and based on some statistics that are likely out of our control. And besides, isn't 'least hard-working' just another way of saying that we know how to party? You have to find a way to take the negatives and make them into a positive, Massachusetts!

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