The holiday of love will be here before you know it and as is the case with most Valentine's Day celebrations, couples will be going out for a date night, perhaps dining together and then catching a movie. You can't forget about the gifts including cards, flowers, chocolate maybe even some jewelry.

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Some Candy is Banned in Massachusetts

Speaking of chocolates, did you know that some candy is banned in Massachusetts? It's true. The type of candy that is banned in the Bay State is liquor-filled candy which may hamper some people's Valentine's Day plans. Well, the candy can have a tiny bit of liquor in it. The law states the following:

"Whoever sells to a person any candy enclosing or containing liquid or syrup having more than one percent of alcohol shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars."

Why is Liquor-Filled Candy Banned in Massachusetts?

The reason behind the ban is to protect children who may get their hands on it. Could you imagine kids walking around on Halloween eating liquor-filled candy? That could be a major issue. Massachusetts is not the only state that has this ban. Specialty Food Association reports that 16 states in total have similar bans on liquor-infused candy.

So Which Candies Contain Liquor?

There are a lot out there. You'll want to make sure you check the ingredients on the package but some examples of candies that contain liquor that you'll want to steer clear of if you're in Massachusetts include the following:

  • Turin Jose Cuervo Tequila Liquor Filled Chocolates
  • Turin Fireball Liquor Filled Chocolates
  • Guinness Beer Dark Chocolate Truffles

If liquor-filled candy is a requirement to have a fun Valentine's Day this year just be careful how much you consume and be sure there are no children around as they could get their hands on it. Also, if you are going to indulge make sure you're not operating any motor vehicles. You know the law so choose how you celebrate wisely.

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