Throwing away trash is part of everyday life in Massachusetts. For the most part, we don't even think about what we're tossing in the trash as it has become automatic but did you know that there is quite a list of items on the Massachusetts Waste Bans list? Obvious items include old televisions and vehicle batteries but there are some items that you may be illegally tossing in the trash without even knowing it.

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Yes, Massachusetts Has Waste Bans and Here's Why

Massachusetts has waste bans to increase recycling and support the recycling economy along with keeping dangerous toxic waste out of Massachusetts landfills. Let's take a look at a list of 11 items that are illegal to be thrown in the garbage in Massachusetts per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These Items are Banned from Being Trashed in Massachusetts

No matter where you live in Massachusetts whether it's Boston, Worcester, Springfield...anywhere in the state you now know that throwing these items in the trash is illegal.

What Do to With the Items That Can't Be Thrown in the Trash

You're probably wondering how or where you can bring some of these items if you can't throw them in the trash. Many Massachusetts towns and cities have special waste events where you can dispose of these items (check with your town when the next event is coming up). Other items can be collected and recycled through retailers (batteries, tires, etc.). You can get more information on recycling options by going here.

18 Items That Massachusetts Goodwill Shops Don't Accept

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