One of my first memories of seeing a movie in a drive-in setting was back in the summer of 1989. My family took me to Coury's Drive-In in northern Berkshire County (North Adams) to see "Batman" starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Kim Basinger. Even though Tim Burton's take on the superhero classic was a bit dark, I absolutely loved it and I was off to the races when it came to collecting Batman toys and trading cards from that movie.

Fast Forward three years, "Batman Returns" hit theaters in June of 1992. I did enjoy the movie very much, but the 1989 film was hard to beat in my opinion. Some may disagree with me and that is perfectly fine.

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Massachusetts Families Loved the 1992 Batman Returns Cups That McDonald's Offered

One thing that I fell in love with was the fact that McDonald's was offering six 32-ounce cups from the "Batman Returns" movie (check out the retro commercial below). I wanted very badly to collect them all. I remember that I was able to find two or three of the cups but it was pretty much impossible for me to get all six. My parents had taken me to a few McDonald's locations throughout the Berkshires and even outside of the Berkshires just to help complete my set but the folks at McDonald's even said they were having a difficult time hanging on to them because they were such a hot item. There's no doubt that Massachusetts families wanted those cups just as much as I did. I was able to get one more cup even after the promotion ended. I considered myself lucky. Years later I purchased all six cups from eBay in pristine condition which you can check out below the retro commercial.

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