Massachusetts is home to various wildlife some are harmless while others can be deadly. Spring will be here before you know it and the temperatures will be warming up which means we'll be seeing more active wildlife in Massachusetts.

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The Most Dangerous Animal on Earth Will Be Returning to Massachusetts Soon

So which animal will be making a return that has been dubbed the "most dangerous" on Earth? No, it's not the bobcat or black bear, the animal is much smaller than those predators. If you guessed the mosquito, you're correct.

According to BBC Science Focus magazine

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal in the world, killing 725,000 humans per year through spreading diseases such as malaria. Only female mosquitos bite, making them the most dangerous.

In addition, mosquitoes can cause at least six potentially deadly diseases including Malaria, West Nile Virus, Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever, and Chikungunya. You can learn more about these deadly diseases in the video below.

When Will Mosquito Activity Ramp Up in Massachusetts?

Mosquitoes require consistent warm temperatures to survive. The range is 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit. In Massachusetts, you can start to plan to see mosquitoes from mid-April to early May through mid to late October. That is the average range of months that mosquitoes are active in Massachusetts and the Northeast.

Summer and Fall of 2023 Was a Very Active Year for Mosquitoes in Massachusetts

Last summer it seemed like mosquitoes were everywhere. It felt like I was being eaten alive when I was mowing my lawn in Pittsfield. In addition, I remember attending an outdoor event in northern Berkshire County and that was torturous when it came to mosquito activity. Last September several communities in Worcester and Hampden counties were at risk of Eastern equine encephalitis and I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case again this year.

Massachusetts Residents Need to Protect Themselves During Active Mosquito Months

With all of the different diseases that mosquitoes can spread, it's important that you protect your body before you go outside. Long pants, long sleeves, hats, and repellant with DEET are all a must when it comes to combating yourself from the deadly bloodsuckers. Check out the video below for more prevention tips.

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