Who doesn't love a good Sammy, am I right? Maine is famous for their Lobster Roll, there's nothing better than a Cheese Steak from Pennsylvania and everyone knows the most authentic Pulled Pork Sandwich comes from South Carolina. So what about our great state of Massachusetts?

Men's Health recently compiled a list of the Most Iconic Sandwich From Every State in the U.S. In their mind, you can learn a lot about a place based on what they consider a perfect sandwich. The periodical researched local ingredients native to certain areas and visited delis and sandwich shops which have become iconic in their respective states.

So what's the most iconic sandwich from Massachusetts? The Fluffernutter Sandwich, Yup! Peanut Butter and Fluff, ladies and gentleman.  Eight year old me is pumped about this choice, 34 year old me, not so much. Don't get me wrong, sweet sugary fluff, spread with smooth peanut butter (can't do chunky with the fluff) on chewy, classic white bread has it's place, but most iconic? I'm not quite sure about that. I must be the only one, because in my search, I actually discovered The Fluffernutter is our official State Sandwich.

The iconic marshmallow spread beloved by kids and loathed by dentists was invented in Somerville in 1917.  The city that has a What the Fluff? festival every year.  For decades since then Fluff has been produced in the great city of Lynn. Yes, that same Lynn where our own Bryan Slater was produced.

It's not that I don't love a good PB & Fluff, but I just think there are better sandwiches. Anyone who grew up east of 495 would likely say a Kelly's Roast Beef trumps a fluffernutter any day of the week.

If you think our choice is bad, at least we're not Arkansas' Friend Bologna Sandwich of Georgia's Pimento Cheese Sandwich. Check out the whole list here.






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