We're only one month into the new year and there have been 14 individuals added to the Massachusetts Most Wanted list. Most of the crimes that took place involved either shoplifting or theft of some kind.

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There was one bank robbery incident that occurred at St. Mary's Credit Union in Framingham back on January 9. The suspect is male, medium build, with short hair and a light complexion. Handling the January 9 case is Stephen Fowks of the Framingham Police Department (508) 532-6251.

Of the 14 recent incidents only one individual has been identified which involved a shoplifting incident at Ulta Beauty in Stoughton back on January 13. The suspect is female, medium build, medium height, and light complexion.

Those two incidents took place earlier in January. Going back a little more than a week, two more individuals have been added to the Most Wanted list of Massachusetts. Just like the January 13 occurrence, both suspects are women and are wanted for theft in a January 22 shoplifting incident at Ulta Beauty in Stoughton.

The first suspect is female with a medium build, medium height, and medium complexion.

The second suspect is female with a large build, dark complexion, and medium height. Handling the January 22 shoplifting cases is Det. Sgt O'Connor of the Stoughton Police Department (781) 344-2424.

You can take a look at all of the most wanted individuals in Massachusetts by going here. If you recognize any of the suspects, you're urged to contact the law enforcement officer investigating the case.

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