I attended high school in an affluent area, so the kids teased me about being from Lynn.

Myths can be annoying, but also fun to discuss.

7 Misleading Myths About Massachusetts

Everybody Who Lives Here Is a Red Sox Fan

Travis Lindquist
Travis Lindquist


Most of us are die hard Sox, but Yankee fans, among other teams, absolutely reside here. The western part of MA is more NYY. I never felt that the Yankees "suck". Even as a lifelong Sox fan, I loved Jeter and Sheffield.

We Always Vote Democrat



Since 1991, Massachusetts has elected five Republican Governors. Remember Bill Weld (pictured above)? Paul Cellucci? Jane Swift? Mitt Romney? and of course, Charlie Baker.

We're Obsessed With Rotaries


Not really.

Let me preface by saying Massachusetts does have more rotaries than any other New England state or U.S. state for that matter, but we certainly don't feel any certain way about them. Roundabouts just happen to work really well when it comes to lessening traffic incidents. Locally though, we just recently had a anti-roundabout group form!

Dunkin' Only

SNL via YouTube
SNL via YouTube

No way.

Dunkin' Donuts did start in Canton, MA back in the '50s, and the Dunkin line is usually into the street disrupting traffic; however, Starbucks is pretty popular as well. The Dunkin' SNL skit starring Casey Affleck a few years back was amazing, and yes everyone loved it, that part is not a myth.

We All Speak With A Wicked Boston Accent

Faneuil Hall, Boston
David Parsons

That Quincy Ma-khet, kid? Park the car in Harvard Yard. Different accents can be heard all over the bay state, just don't go to Gloucester.

There is No Traffic Heading to The Cape after 2 a.m.

Visit Cape Cod Facebook
Visit Cape Cod Facebook


You will always hit traffic heading to Cape Cod. Always. Even if you leave in the middle of a freezing cold night in January, you'll hit traffic on Rte. 3. It's still kinda worth it, though, the cape is beautiful!

Only Sinners Live in Lynn


This is our last myth and is obviously a joke. Besides the infamous poem, "Lynn, Lynn, City of Sin", singer Mike Ness (Social Distortion), and pro baseball player Ken Hill come from Lynn!

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